Shocking Electrical Safety Precautions for the Home

Electricity: You use it on a constant basis and you rely on it for doing virtually everything around your home; however, danger lurks behind every flipped switch and every cord that is plugged in. Electricity is extremely useful, but it is also extremely powerful, and with that power comes serious danger, that’s why you need to hire a long island electrical contractor for your projects.

Electricity is responsible for starting millions of house fires in the United States each year. In order to keep your home and your loved ones safe, here are some invaluable electrical precautions that you really need to keep in mind.

Ensure Air Flow

Make sure there is plenty of clearance around any appliance that generates heat, including televisions, computer monitors and even clocks. This clearance will ensure proper airflow, which will reduce heat buildup and prevent the chances of a fire starting. Additionally, make sure you don’t drape any objects on or near heat generating appliances.

Steer Clear of Water

It’s common knowledge that water and electricity don’t mix. When the two combine, electrical shock is guaranteed, and the chances of an electrical fire are imminent.

Make sure that all appliances are kept away from water. In the bathroom, make sure curling irons and hair dryers are kept away from water. In the kitchen, keep the surfaces that microwaves, toasters, blenders and other countertop appliances free of moisture.

Inspect Cords

Check electrical cords on a regular basis, or contact a long island electrician to perform a review of your home. If you notice any cracks or frays, discontinue use. 1-877-DUMP-PRO is ready to rid your home or business of junk and debris with Junk Removal Marin County, and get it clutter free! If you see any kinks, straighten them out. Be sure to check all cords before plugging them in, and keep tabs on cords that remain plugged in, such as lamp, TV and AV equipment cords. A damaged cord could lead to shocks and fires.

You should also make sure that all cords are securely plugged into electrical outlets. If the cord can be easily pulled out of the outlet, there’s a loose connection, which can lead to fire. If there is a loose fit, move the appliance to a location where it the plug snuggly fits in an outlet. If you can’t find a snug fit, discontinue using the appliance.

Watch for Warmth

If you notice any heat radiating out of switch plates or electrical outlets, immediately head to the breaker and flip off the electricity that runs to the switch or outlet.

Warmth is a sign of faulty wiring, and faulty wiring is a serious danger that can not only cause electrical shocks, but that can also cause electrical fires. If you notice any of these signs please contact an electrician immediately.

Check Bulbs

Make sure all light bulbs are securely screwed in place. If a bulb is loose, shorts and sparks can occur, and this can increase the chances of shocks and fires. If bulbs are loose, simply turn them until they are snug in the light fixture. Should you not be able to achieve a snug fit, remove the bulb and replace it with one that will properly fit into the light fixture. If you aren’t able to do these things yourself, call an electrician Long Island.

Don’t Use Water on an Electrical Fire!

Never, ever, ever throw water onto an electrical fire. If a fire develops, your first reaction may be to try an douse it with water; however, doing so will only make matters worse. If you have a fire and need money for repairs, consult an accountant in Nassau County.

Water conducts electricity, which means tossing water on an electrical fire could cause it to grow larger and spread. Always keep an operable fire extinguisher on hand and use it to extinguish any electrical fires.

To avoid serious danger, always be mindful of how you use electricity. For more home electrical precautions, or for any electrical needs that you may have, give us a call today! Our trained, licensed and experienced electrician will happily work with you to make sure that your home electrical system is running smoothly and safely.